From Los Angeles to Pittsburgh to Toronto and around the globe, they stagger through the streets in bloody, tattered clothing; gory, rotting spectacles on an endless search to quell their insatiable hunger for human brains and flesh. Zombies walk among us in Dead Meat Walking, Omar J. Pineda’s spellbinding, visually horrific, and decadently delightful documentary that follows the growing international phenomenon known as the “zombie walk.” Pineda uncovers its origins — from the first “official” zombie walk (with a mere six participants), to walks attracting more than 15,000 undead zealots, made up to look their worst. Pineda’s film delves into the psyches of ordinary people who've decided that dressing, acting and making themselves up like zombies is not only an avocation, but is the ultimate tribute to the literature, films and the legends of the walking dead throughout history.